For those who don’t know, design-build is an approach for construction delivery that offers homeowners with one point of contact for both the construction and design phases of a project. A single entity holds all contractual risks and responsibilities for all elements of a build. This includes post-construction, construction, subcontracting, engineering, schematics, architecture, pre-construction, evaluations, and estimation.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation Kanata, here are several benefits you can get if you hire a design-build company:

Involvement of the Owner

Design-build works under the idea that the homeowner actually wants to participate actively in the construction and design of their renovation project. Homeowners can ensure that their goals will be accomplished and that they will achieve their dreams if they are involved in the process. This type of involvement offers owners a lasting sense of pride in their kitchen renovation project.


The homeowner and the design-build team will have to work together. They’ll have the same objective for the project. They want to finish the kitchen renovation that will meet or surpass the expectation of the owner. Pointing fingers won’t be an option here.


Design-build companies are professionals in both construction and design. The heads should be licensed architects with professional experience and training in the architectural industry. Aside from that, they need to have professional experience in construction and know how buildings come together, sequencing, and pricing. Professional design-build companies are experts in general construction and have lasting and strong relationships with professional subcontractors.


A design-build company is involved in the project from beginning to end. This adds vital effectiveness and efficiency to the process. The possibility of items being neglected is drastically lowered.

Rapid Delivery

Design-build provides fast delivery since construction and design occur concurrently. Aside from that, there is only a single selection phase rather than two.

There are a lot of benefits if you work with professionals who can think like builders and architects. However, design-build is a dedication. A company needs to be committed to the design-build process to guarantee high-quality outcomes and 100% client satisfaction.

General Contractors vs. Design-Build Companies

A contractor is needed whenever a construction project is planned. A homeowner can pick between a design-build company or a general contractor, among other forms of professionals.

A general contractor handles the construction stage of a project. They’re provided with the plans and design and will work appropriately to finish the physical job of those plans according to code. To do the required plumbing, carpentry, and other unique tasks, a general contractor will rely on subcontractors. A general contractor will not have any participation or input with the owner creating the documents for the design.

A design-build company has to do the same duties and responsibilities as a general contractor. However, they are also accountable for much more than those jobs. The design-build company handles the whole project from beginning to end. They contribute to both the initial planning of the kitchen remodeling project to the final touches of the project.